the Liquor Bond | NORFOLK ISLAND


Bicentennial Complex
Taylors Road, Norfolk Island 2899


Monday – Saturday | 10.30am – 6.30pm


+6723 22106


Travellers’ discount

Over 18? Show us your valid air ticket and claim your discount of 20 per cent off the retail price for a maximum of three (3) litres of spirits and liqueurs purchased at the one time. This offer excludes local liqueurs.


Quantity Discount

Spending big? For a single purchase valued at more than $1000, we give a discount of 7 per cent off the retail price. This offer excludes soft drinks and local liqueurs.


Bulk Importation of Wine

Spending really big? This discount (by way of a mark-up of only 20 per cent) is offered on the importation of wine with an invoice value in excess of $5000 for a single shipment. This type of discount is subject to a number of conditions:

  • The invoice cost from a single supplier must be in excess of $5000.

  • The purchase must be pre-approved by the Liquor Bond Manager, as the Liquor Bond is the sole importer of liquor into Norfolk Island.

  • The purchaser must source the supplier and product and place the order with the Liquor Bond Manager. The purchaser accepts the risk for the freighting of the wine.

  • A deposit of 50 per cent of the supplier invoice cost is required when the order is placed.

  • The shipment must be collected from the Liquor Bond within ten days of being advised of the arrival of the shipment.

  • Payment in full must be made prior to the release of the shipment from the Liquor Bond.